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Roles, Permissions and Groups | Feature Release

Management in Prey just got a whole lot easier: flexible roles and better labels with groups. Try them out now!

January 31, 2023

New year, new improvements. We promised more control and more management options for our users, and we’re fulfilling that promise! The Prey team has been working hard to greatly improve our existing offer these past few months. And with our latest release, we’re ready –and happy– to announce the whole shebang: roles and permissions for more flexibility, and label groups for improved device management!

These features are only available for our enterprise plans and solutions (Prey Tracking, Protection & Full Suite). So, let’s get right into what you can do with these features that we’ve been steadily building and releasing.

New & custom roles, plus new permissions

No more user/admin paradigm! Originally called “Users & roles”, this revamped setting adds layers of granular control & flexibility for organizations that need more than just one admin, or middle management with a limited degree of control.

Example? A CIO has different IT divisions inside a company, for Operations & Security. With this feature, you can create new users and assign specific actions to the different roles. In this scenario, Operations may lend and carry on provisioning certain devices, while Security only has access to Tracking & Data Protection features. Nifty, right?

This improved setting delivers full customization for all roles: default, and custom. These are the default roles:

  • Owner, which is automatically assigned to the user that activates the account and has all permissions granted
  • Admin, a top-level role that comes with minimal limitations, such as changing the subscription or closing the account
  • User, that can only execute security actions on the devices assigned to it.

On top of that, we added several new permissions to further personalize these roles. The 21 new permissions that can be assigned are divided into 4 access categories:

  • Action management
  • Account management
  • Device management
  • View management

With fully customizable roles, admins can have incredibly granular levels of control over how Prey works for the users they define, because no organization is created equal! If you need a kick-start or even ideas to develop your new user structure inside Prey, we have an article in our Help Desk that may help you.

Labels are getting better: New Groups

Our labels work like a charm when categorizing devices and we know how happy you feel with them. But we wanted to go a step further: to connect the world of labels with our roles. And it came to us, not necessarily in a dream: Groups!

New and existing roles can create Groups of labels, so devices can be bundled together and assigned to different team members (including those shiny new Roles you created!). Have a division in another region? Assign their devices to their Sysadmin. Directors or managers in charge of just a bundle of laptops in the building? Create new roles for them, and assign each one of them to a different group, with its own labels.

We see Groups being very useful in Education & Non-profit scenarios. For example, an educational district with several schools, directors, IT managers, and hundreds of devices. Sounds complicated already, right? We’re giving you the option to create all those roles (with their respective permissions), then label & grouping your devices according to their respective schools, and finally assign them to the right people, improving privacy & accountability while optimizing internal processes.

If the workflow sounds tricky, we have an excellent article in our Help Desk to help you navigate Groups in Prey.

Try them out!

Were you waiting for these improved features? Don’t fret: they’re available right now! To create new users, roles, permissions, and groups, just head to the Settings menu on your panel through here.

We hope these features will add a spice of flexibility to your workflow with us.

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