Management made simple

Cover all of your devices, from multi-os laptops, tablets, and corporate mobiles, under a single platform. Organize them in groups, assign them users, labels and automate their management.

Control with data

Have a thorough inventory of your on site and off site remote fleet, its hardware, assigned user, and activity.

Hardware and OS

View each device's hardware, operating system, and modifications carried out on these two.

User contact assignment

Keep a tab on the user that has been assigned to the device, and connect it to an institution.

Device status

Check if the device is online or when it was last seen, see its active network, battery status, and which active user is currently logged in and using it.

CSV Data export

Export your fleet's complete data for review, presented in a formatted csv file right to your account's email.

Audit Log

Maintain a registry of your account activity and all actions or modifications made by users for better accountability and auditing.‍

Smooth administration

Deploy Prey in bulk and easily manage hundreds of devices by grouping and assigning them.

Scheduled actions

Create time-based rules, or event-triggered actions to automate security and device management.

Mass Actions

Quickly schedule and deploy our lock, wipe, alert, and alarm features to multiple devices at once.

Quick Deployment

Silent and unattended installers for every OS, automatic updates, and custom APKs.

Device Loan Manager

Lend and keep track of devices with or without a return date, send automatic 'time's up' alerts, or lock and track the equipment when not returned.‍

Detect incidents early

Stay on top of your device fleet's security with custom risk detection alerts and information.

Fleet Status Dashboard

View your entire fleet's activity globally with graphic insights regarding their movements, recent reports, demographics, and checked-in status.

Custom Risk Alerts

Configure Prey's notification settings regarding Geofence movement detection, missing device evidence reports, alerts for suspiciously offline devices, and more.

Activity Log

Review the device's triggered events in the platform, hardware modifications, and connections.‍

Adapt the platform to your needs

Access a platform that's ready to adapt to your privacy policies and management needs.

Multi-user Accounts

Assign additional account admins or create as many user profiles as you need with customizable access privileges.

Feature Preferences

Prey's tracking and security tools are customizable and can be turned off comply with an enterprise's user privacy policies.

APNs MDM Compatible

Access further iOS and macOS management capabilities by linking your Prey account to an MDM certificate by Apple.

2-Factor verification

Set up an extra layer of security in your account by adding 2-factor authentication.

Developer API

Access new ways of using your account's data with Prey's API, enabling integrations and external developments.

Organize devices

Create users, implement existing roles or fabricate your own, assign permissions and groups according to your organizations' needs.

manage users

Easily create as many users as you require, you just need their organization email. Each user gets a setup API key.

assign devices

Each user may have devices assigned to ensure they focus their efforts where they are needed most.

customize permissions

Select the degree of access you allow your colleagues. Amplify teamwork scaling action deployment, device access, account view and more.

create labels

Classify your devices creating custom labels that let you search by department, office, team, organization division, whatever works.

organize with groups

Use custom labels to create groups and break down your fleet to enhance administration using segmentation.

Tracking & location

Using multiple tracking technologies, Prey ensures you always know where your fleet is and when it behaves suspiciously.


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