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How to geofence your devices with prey

Need to monitor entry and exit of devices in specific areas? Our new Geofencing feature provides precise location-based alerts.

February 1, 2024

Use Geofencing to Actively Keep Track of your Devices

We've reimagined and enhanced our Geofencing feature to significantly improve the user experience. This enhancement focuses on simplifying the creation and editing process of geofences, catering to your specific needs!

Now, you can enjoy more flexibility in shaping your zones, configuring notifications, and effortlessly selecting devices using tags. This revamp is all about making Geofencing more intuitive, responsive, and tailored to your unique requirements!

What Can You Do With Geofences?

With the upgraded geofences, you gain a powerful tool that enhances Prey's value by offering real geographical fencing options and a streamlined flow for both creating and managing these zones.

This feature allows for the configuration of notifications to multiple users within an account, ensuring that everyone stays informed. The use of geofences enhances the overall usability and functionality through the use of designated zones and automated actions, making it a powerful tool for monitoring and managing your devices' movements.

Using Geofences for security purposes

For IT device security, Geofencing offers a revolutionary layer of protection and management. By defining geographical boundaries, you can be instantly alerted about device movements, enhancing security and operational control. Here are potential uses:

  • Receive immediate updates when devices enter or leave a predefined area
  • Trigger automatic actions if a device exits a defined fence
  • Configure email alerts for device movement in and out of geofences
  • Set a device to Missing status upon leaving a geofence

These features transform Geofencing into a proactive tool for managing and securing IT assets, making it an indispensable part of modern digital security strategies.

Using Geofences in Prey

With our new and revamped features using geofences is a straightforward process. You only need to head over to your Prey Panel and go to the Geofencing section, select a geographic area (country, state, or region), or type the address you want to target, and then make the zone as big or as small as you like.

Security action triggers

The beauty of geofencing zones is that you can assign automated security actions to each one of them, this way, you can receive notifications, remotely lock, send alarm or alert messages to the devices when they leave or enter a zone.

You can assign different actions for when a device enters or leaves a zone, and modify each zone separately. This way you can modify what happens to which devices in what zones, talk about control!

That’s It! You can make multiple zones and modify them to your needs. Geofences can also be modified afterward, so you don’t need to create them again if you just want to change their names, modify an action, or add or remove a device. Easy, right?

Start Creating your Geofences with Prey!

Enhance your digital security with our revamped Geofencing feature on Prey! Whether safeguarding loved ones or adding a layer of protection to IT devices, this upgrade simplifies zone creation and management. Receive instant alerts, trigger actions, and configure email notifications for devices entering or leaving designated areas. Geofencing isn't just for security – have fun with automated actions and notifications tailored to your unique needs.

Explore the possibilities and start creating your personalized control zones with Prey today!

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