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Prey’s Chromebook Tracking

We love to say Prey is one account to rule them all!. Well, actually, to protect and manage them all.

December 21, 2021

To our list of long-time friends Windows, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, and macOS, we now welcome Chrome OS. Gotta catch ‘em all! We are happy to report that Prey, the security tool you need to stay in control of your remote assets and their data is now available for all Chromebook laptops to be prepared if your devices get stolen, are breached, or go missing.

The Power of Chromebooks

Chromebooks are an excellent, compact option for a mobile device. The software is also excellent! Google’s platform is packed with educational app packages; from video design courses to reading fluency assistants. What’s more, with the new Play Store compatibility updates, Chromebook’s potential applications grow to the mobile store’s availability.

Likely the largest industry for Chromebooks is in education. The reason for this comes from three defining traits: affordability, software potential, ease of use, and administration. To begin with, schools can easily tackle a classroom’s laptop fleet for as low as $150 per Chromebook.

Chromebooks were designed thinking inside a classroom. They are small, handy, easy to handle and repair. Plus Chrome OS is an intuitive, known space inspired in both Android and Chrome’s flow.

However, Chromebooks are used in a wide variety of industries. They’ve also become more popular for personal use in recent years as mobile devices become common in households across the world.

With their rise in popularity, how can you protect them? How can you keep your Chromebook data safe? What do you do if it’s stolen?

Don’t worry, Prey has you covered.

Is your school looking to protect its Chromebook fleet? Visit our education hub and access special pricing for schools.

Prey for Chromebook


Prey’s Chromebook Tracking Software is a Chromebook-specific application compatible with all native Chrome OS laptops and available through Chrome Web Store.

Chromebooks need tracking just like any other device to ensure that they are safe.

How to Install Prey for Chromebook

Getting Prey for your Chromebook is very simple. The first step is creating your Prey account. We currently have a free trial option if you’d like to start with that to test it out.

Once you’ve created a Prey account, we highly recommend you install Prey using your Google Admin Console. This will allow you to deploy Prey remotely and set it up for multiple users on the same device (and also multiple users across multiple devices). If Prey is not installed from Google Admin, when you switch users in your device, the client will be uninstalled. You can now access the Google Console or follow the installation steps directly from your Control Panel.

Prey for Chromebook Tracking Features

Once you deploy Prey in your Chromebook device, you’ll be able to enjoy our tried and tested array of features:

  • Create and manage geofences with Control Zones
  • Locate devices on demand
  • Remotely trigger Alerts and Alarms in your devices
  • Lock the device’s browser
  • Receive missing reports (screenshots, location, Chrome information)

To learn more about how to install Prey for Chromebooks using Google Admin Console, please visit our comprehensive step-by-step installation guide.

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