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API Beta and Audit Log | Feature Release

With the API, we open the door for new integration opportunities and uses of the platform. On the other hand, the Audit Log will help keep better accountability of the account's usage

May 19, 2020

We’ve got a double release today! The developer’s API and the Audit Log see the light today, added to our Enterprise plan’s features. They are great additions to Prey’s package and they enable new ways of working with the platform.

Getting to Know the API’s Beta

The API is a developer tool that allows you to read your account’s information, and write changes or trigger events. This means you can now integrate Prey with third-party tools, for example, to have them react to a device’s status in Prey!

This is the Beta release of the API which means it includes an extended list of reading endpoints, which you can use to consult -for example- device information, location information, control zones, and more; but we are implementing a limited list of writing endpoints in this release. This will be extended as we continue to experiment and move forward with this new infrastructure.

You can find the API’s documentation here, where you can also test it! All instructions are present in the documentation, but you can refer to our Help article to further learn about how to authorize your API by generating a validation token. This can be easily done via your control panel, and you will be able to create different tokens for different purposes, and even add expiration dates!

Getting to Know the Audit Log

The Audit Log is, in a nutshell, an event log that registers your account’s activity. It keeps track of user-made actions, modifications, and organizes them by date, type of event, and by the user in your account that triggered the change/action.

You can find the Audit Log here, or by logging into your account, entering the Settings menu, and finding the Audit Log sub-menu. It’s a great resource to have accountability of all past changes made to the account, and can only be accessed by account administrators.

For further information on this feature, visit its Help article.

We hope you enjoy this duo! The API opens a ton of new opportunities for the platform, and we are excited to hear what integrations or connections you’re looking forward to making.

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