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Expand your offering by adding Prey to the mix. With us you can boost protection and ensure accurate location to your customers, developing your own business in the process.

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Your Reseller program

With anti-theft, monitoring, and our loan manager tool, you'll be able to implement a laptop or tablet loan program for students with no risk, and allow faculty and staff to take their laptops off-site with no risk.

Discount opportunites

Optimize your work and deter theft by creating automatic reactions upon movement in or out of Control Zones, or schedule recurrent, or timed, actions like daily curfew device locks.

Be an empowered provider

We can set you up with the training and tools you need to be your clients' only point of contact. Provide support when needed: we have your back at every step.

Why choose Prey?

You manage your clients: be the sole point of contact and support for them.

Get affordable and flexible slots for devices; discounts that grows with your accounts.

Trust your work into a single centralized solution that gives peace of mind.

Join our team and help us reach more markets and audiences together.

Track, protect and keep safe whilst managing several fleets at once

What else can we help you achieve?

You will need

  • Your identity document
  • Your company's registration number
  • Your company's certificate of incorporation
  • Proof that you can represent your company
  • Your business proposal



A partner that sells Prey to third party clients and acts as their point of contacts for sales and support.


One slot represents one device protected under the client's account. Slots are flexible, upgrade and downgrade as you wish.


If you are a Managed Service Provider, then this is not the place for you! Head out to our Pricing page and request a quote, our sales team will assist you.
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We accept credit cards, PayPal and ACH*. You can also submit purchase orders if you're a business in the US and selected countries.
*USA only.


A certified reseller can access discounts by first selling Prey to at least 2 accounts, for a combined total of 100 slots. For more information, please contact your Prey sales representative.

LET'S BE PartnerS!

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We recommend you include a description of your business plan as a Prey Reseller, what your slots/account sale projections are for the next year, and a brief description of the type of clients you currently provide to. Do it so in between 200 and 1300 characters.
Please include all documentation you can currently provide, and name each document similarly to their title below (e.g Personal-ID.pdf). Missing documents can be added later.
You can submit .pdf or .docx files.
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Company's Certificate of Incorporation [oPTIONAL]
Document saying that you represent the company [oPTIONAL]
Prey is GDPR compliant. We will only contact you with commercial information and will never disclose the submitted information.
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