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Work smarter with monitoring made simple. Prey's a secure, multi-OS tracking solution. Achieve peace of mind to focus on the bigger picture.

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Prey Tracking Plan

A Watchtower to Protect All Endpoints


Forget on-demand, experience our industry-leading Active tracking! We automatically make location checks for continuous device monitoring.


Control your multi-os fleet from a single platform and monitor corporate devices with labels, actions and reports.


Get notifications, create Geofences, lock devices and more. Rest easy with safety champions on your side.

Know it All


Get a trusted sense of where your fleet is operating everyday. Prey combines the most accurate and reliable results from GPS and WiFI triangulation to locate your phone, laptop or tablet.


Examine the activity of a device set to missing. It comes in handy cases of incidence, to trace the steps resulting in the event and try getting that device back to safety.


Monitor all fleet movement, and get notifications when devices leave your predetermined security Geofence. Be aware and prepare to tackle incidents.


Keep strangers away with a fast and simple solution. Lock all access to phones, tablets, and laptops by locking screens from the comfort of your own.

And more! Check the list out:

The limits of each of our services varies between operative systems.
You can check the limits of our service here.

Need more than tracking devices?

Great news! We offer two more plans that include Tracking and then some. Check out what we can help you achieve adding Data & Device Security features. For those looking to have it all, add Administration to maximize your Prey experience.

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"Prey is the most complete mobile application for locating our devices. Simple but very powerful and useful."
"I love this application because it traces my devices extremely fast showing me the exact location."
"Simple and lightweight. Prey is intuitive, easy to use and easy to install."