Track devices proactively & detect all movements

Track the location of laptops, phones, and tablets, and ensure you can quickly react to unauthorized movements with geofencing.

Always know where

Prey's configurable tracking provides multiple-location methods for better accuracy and reliability, without compromising the battery of the device.

Active Tracking

Prey's tracking is always active by default. It gathers locations when devices move, and in timed checks. The Active status can be disabled so you  can locate devices by request only.

GPS AND WiFi Triangulation

The platform uses combined tracking methods, choosing the most accurate and reliable result from GPS and WiFI triangulation to locate your phone, laptop or tablet.

Global Device View

View your device's location individually, or keep an eye on all of them at once using the global view.‍

Detect and react

Create geofencing areas on a map that alert the movement of devices, like those who shouldn't leave the office, and then react automatically.


Choose areas where devices belong, either a Radius zone within your city or country, or a Geographical division like a city, state or country.

Automatic Reactions

Configure each Geofence with different reactive security actions that activate when a device moves in or out of them.


Instantly know when a device moves, triggering setup detection rules of its assigned Geofence.

Custom Device Lists

Assign devices to Geofences that are relevant to their movement, and create location rules.

Go back in time

Look back up to a month of registered locations to detect odd patterns. Identify possible suspect addresses, and thereby, device misuse.

record Days and Hours

The registered locations have date and time stamps. Every day showcases the addresses detected (if any) and map pins to better locate your devices. See also: calendar view!

MAP Activity

See the map markings to get a sense of the device's movements. Click the pins to see the exact addresses (or click the addresses to see the pins).


Receive a CSV file in your inbox to get a record of your device's movements and behavior.

Recover with evidence

The recovery begins when you mark a device as missing in the panel. The Evidence Reports will activate and deliver crucial evidence for the police, in custom time-frequencies.

Location Information

Each report carries a map with nearby hot-spots, coordinates, and the pinpointed location of the device.

Nearby WiFi Neighborhood

View a list of active and nearby WiFi connections close to the missing device for better location identification.

Photos & Screenshots

When available, the report will also bring a front and back camera picture to help you identify the perpetrator and place, as well as a screenshot.

Device and User Information

Make sure you can identify your device with its IP, MAC address, serial number, and hardware information. Plus, you see what user is currently logged in.‍

Device Security

Know how Prey secures your gadgets with reactive actions that are ready to safeguard your devices, and help you locate them.


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