Encrypting disks with BitLocker has never been this easy

Secure data on your Windows fleet remotely, harnessing the power of Windows BitLocker and AES encryption with the ease of use of Prey’s Disk Encryption.

Implement cover-all prevention

Mitigate the risks of losing corporate data, user data, source code, and more by encrypting all disks and detachable drives.

Secure data on remote workers effortlessly

Optimize your work and deter theft by creating automatic reactions upon movement in or out of Control Zones, or schedule recurrent, or timed, actions like daily curfew device locks.

Comply with data regulations

Meet security certification or gubernamental regulations that require disk encryption, such as ISO/IEC, HIPAA or GDPR.

Activate it beforehand,
forget about these risks

Off-site employees

When someone in your workforce takes a corporate device somewhere out of your reach, an encrypted disk avoids the chances of a data leak.

Device loss or theft

If a device is stolen or taken by a rogue employee, disk encryption ensures unwanted access to corporate data is mitigated.

Data breach

Encrypted endpoints can significantly reduce the danger of a data breach, and without the encryption keys, render any stolen files useless.

How to activate Disk Encryption with Prey

Select a compatible Windows device (Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education).

Open the Disk Encryption tool, and select the target disks to be encrypted.

Select the encryption method: full disk or used space only if the system is brand new.

Select your encryption standard (AES_128 or XTS_AES128) and click Start Encryption!

How to disable Disk Encryption with Prey

Select a Windows device that has disks encrypted via Prey’s Disk Encryption tool.

Open the Disk Encryption tool, and select the target disks to be decrypted.

Click Decrypt and Prey will initiate the process.

Secure your Windows fleet with
BitLocker’s encryption and Prey’s tracking

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