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Good news: double report capacity for free users and no more automatic report deletion

Good news is, no more reports will be deleted without your consent, now it is up to the user to consciously decide which reports to delete in order to free up space for the new ones.

December 20, 2020

One of Prey’s top value adds is the reporting feature that you can trigger once you see your device is missing. With more and more devices going missing and a greater risk of hacking, this feature is vital to keeping your data safe.

How Prey Reporting Works

The reporting mechanism with Prey is very simple. All you have to do is log into your Prey account and set your device as missing. Once you set your device as missing on your Prey account, report generation is triggered.

As of that moment, Prey will gather information about your device and send detailed reports during the time the phone, laptop or tablet remains missing. These missing reports can help you to figure out where your device is located and how to get it back.

What makes reports meaningful and effective is that these are generally the key piece of evidence the police needs to retrieve your missing device.

What’s New?

For free users, and up until recently, you could store up to 10 reports per device. If more came in, you’d lose the old ones in favor of the new.. See, the downside of this feature can be harsh when searching for a stolen device. The first reports were deleted without notice to make room for the new ones, even if that meant deleting crucial information. What if the exact location of your device was recorded on that first report, or the picture of the thief was stored there?

More Reports, better evidence:

Good news is, no more reports will be deleted without your consent:now it is up to the user to consciously decide which reports to delete in order to free up space for the new ones." is not quite true, but the other way around. Users can "star" reports to prevent them from being deleted. Manual deletion as such has always been a feature.

Better news? We’ve extended the report saving capacity of your Prey account to 20 per device,twice as much as before. The more reports you can store, the more evidence you can gather in the search of your lost device. This means more time when deciding which ones to delete and which to keep or save.

If your report inbox is full, these are your options:

  1. Delete reports. That photo of a white ceiling or the unflattering close-up of your face that resulted of that test you made once you first installed Prey might not be entirely relevant. Choose wisely which reports to delete and save them before you do, just in case.
  2. Print reports. Save them. File them. They are extremely useful as evidence to present to the police. Because as you already know, always go to the police if any of your devices are stolen.
  3. Decrease reports interval. Our shortest report interval for free users is one every five minutes. You can choose to decrease the frequency of the reports each time you set a device as missing: that way, you’ll have more time to go through your existing reports and taking action about which to keep.
  4. Upgrade your plan. Get tailored-to-your-needs protection and up to 100 reports per device.

Remember: no reports will be deleted without your consent, so keep an eye on your email. We’ll let you if you’re running out of space to store reports. You never know if the last one you get might be crucial to recover your phone or laptop you love so much.

If you aren’t familiar with Prey’s device tracking yet, test it out. We have a free trial option that can give you the inside scoop on how vital Prey can be to your team’s data security.

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